Thursday, March 10, 2005

Jesse Jackson, voter registration and the usual party politics

As you can imagine I’ve been busy, very busy with the Jesse Jackson event, it went well thankfully, and I’ll be off for the next few days for a lovely four day weekend! Before I go here are a couple of things that have caught my eye today:

The preacher comes to town

“"Your vote matters," he tells the audience.”If you don't vote, you are missing out on the opportunity to make your issues a priority. If you vote and vote in numbers you will determine the outcome of this election."” Link

Deadline for voter registration approaches

“Voters need to register now or risk being unable to vote in the upcoming general election. If pundits are right and the general election is called for May 5, would-be-voters have only until March 11 to register their vote under electoral registration laws. In Northern Ireland the cut off date is March 10.

In England, Wales and Scotland if you or the head of your household, filled in the registration form delivered last autumn you should be on the voting register. UK citizens living abroad, or in Northern Ireland, are required to register individually. If you have moved home it is particularly important that you check whether you are on the register - just because you are paying council tax does not mean you are registered to vote.” Link

Brown ally calls for moral revival

“Labour needs to learn from President Bush's re-election campaign and fight with a stronger sense of moral purpose, Douglas Alexander, the party's former election coordinator, has argued. The analysis comes amid growing Labour jitters about the party's response to an unexpectedly energetic Conservative campaign.” Link

Kennedy promises pensioners 'respect'

“The Liberal Democrat leader, Charles Kennedy, today promised to treat Britain's pensioners with the "respect they deserve" at the launch of the party's mini-manifesto to win over the grey vote.” Link


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