Thursday, March 03, 2005

Greens pushing for first Westminster seats

It would nice wouldn’t it? Parliament actually having a few MP’s who are genuine progressives/anti-war/etc. Its been a dream for a long time for the Green Party but through thorough grass roots building, constant local campaigning and some success at local council level the Green’s are hoping (with some justification it seems) to gain the first few MP’s in the coming election:

“The Green Party's spring conference is getting underway, with members urged to push for an electoral breakthrough in Westminster. Although it has no MPs, the party is pointing to its representation in the UK's other elected bodies as proof that voters want to "vote Green". As grassroots members gather in Chesterfield, they will point to two MEPs, two London assembly members and seven MSPs as proof of their continued popularity.”

Source: Greens pushing for first Westminster seats


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