Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Tories get serious and Labour means nothing

Two report for you today; one on how the Tories are trying to look professional and contrast themselves with Labour in the coming fight. The other is about a well known topic; Labour having no ideology.

“Michael Howard intends to abandon the traditional "battle bus" in favour of a helicopter during the forthcoming election campaign. The Conservative leader is also set to spend every weekend in his constituency - a sign he is concerned about the Liberal Democrat "decapitation strategy".”

Source: Howard ditches campaign bus for helicopter

“One of the best inside analyses of this era so far has come from Peter Hyman, Tony Blair's speech writer and strategist for 10 years. His book 1 Out of 10: From Downing Street Vision to Classroom Reality has drawn most attention for his jump from the Downing Street heights to working in the depths of a tough inner-London comprehensive.

But his critique of where "the project" is marooned now is rapier-sharp. It is the more poignant because he is himself New Labour Man to the core. He is not disaffected, rejected or resigned-in-disgust. But he sees exactly where it is all losing its edge, failing to renew itself.”

Source: New Labour gives you no chance to vote for a vision


Blogger Rob F said...

If they're not having a battle bus this time, then what the hell was parked up in Smith Square yesterday!? See for more!

6:03 pm  

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