Saturday, February 26, 2005

Kennedy calls for positive campaign

“Charles Kennedy has vowed to campaign on "principles and values" at the upcoming general election. Addressing his party's Scottish conference in Perth, he said negative campaigning damaged people's faith in politics and the Lib Dems would take the high ground.”

I guess by high ground what he means is tokenism and opportunism when there are votes in it! He’s playing a clever game though, with no real chance of winning the Lib Dems can sit back and look principled. Labour and the Tories know they have a chance of winning and will fight tooth and nail thus the election will be very dirty indeed. I will bet good money on the Lib Dems giving up this charade in the election after next if they have a shot of getting into power...

Source: Kennedy calls for positive campaign


Blogger BB said...

I think it could be a pretty unpleasant campaign, especially as the Tories are now convinced that they can win votes by pushing the immigration issue further than they've dared in recent years.

As for the Lib Dems, I think they have to maintain a principled position (even if they aren't principled in practice) because they can't compete if the Lab-Con battle gets dirty. Besides, they don't really have anything to lose.

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