Thursday, March 03, 2005

Labour overall majority of 50 to 70?

Some think we’ll see a hung parliament others think a Labour majority of around 50-70 seats will be the outcome:

“Populus has shown that the monthly average of all published polls in February puts Labour on 40 per cent, up from 37 per cent the previous month, against 33 per cent for the Tories, up from 32 per cent. So Labour hardly needs to panic. Some of its campaign efforts have been clumsy, but they have made little impact. The Tories should not celebrate too soon. They have had a good two weeks and firmed up their support, but no more.

This year’s election looks tighter than the last two. Labour is four points below its 2001 general election share of the vote, but it has remained in the lead in virtually every poll. My cautious hunch remains a Labour overall majority of 50 to 70.”

Source: Labour isn’t wobbling, but its nerves are jangling


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