Friday, March 04, 2005

Headteachers jeer Kelly over reforms

This may be stretching my election blog remit here but this article caught my attention:

"The education secretary, Ruth Kelly, was jeered and accused of "patronising" headteachers today during angry exchanges on her plans for school reforms. She told the Secondary Heads Association annual conference in Brighton that the government's reforms to teachers' working conditions had given heads the resources and freedom they needed. But the audience of 450 heads and deputy heads disagreed, interrupting her during a question and answer session and shouting: "No it hasn't."

David Peck, of Mosely school in Birmingham, also criticised what he called Ms Kelly's lack of experience, and accused her of being "patronising". He said: "Members of the Tomlinson committee had an enormous amount of experience in education - with respect, far more than you." "

Brilliant stuff, Labour have just launched their "mini manifesto" (everything's mini these days; Mini Mac, Mini iPod, Mini Manifesto...) and are sliding in the polls. Instead of trying to make some friends their strategy appears to be to try and piss of all the wrong people...


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