Monday, February 21, 2005

Labour: A tale of two elections

Two sides of the coin in the following articles. One which argues for voting against Neo Labour and one that argues for voting them.

“There is a word that covers uncritical support, non-negotiable loyalty and blind faith. It is called fundamentalism. The rest of us have some hard thinking to do. The next few months will find us regaled by friends and foes at work and play, in print and on screen. They will threaten us with life under Michael Howard. Like a Soviet commissar without a clipboard, they will parrot the achievements of the past eight years in facts and figures by rote.”

Source: We cannot vote Labour

“…the duty of Labour party members is clear. We must work for another landslide. Then, if it does not happen, we will remind the new model army that - according to their own theory - the victory is Labour's, not Blair's.”

Source: Win this one for Labour, not for Blair


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