Saturday, February 19, 2005

Blogs: a warning to the left

Iain Duncan Smith it seems has spent his time not being Tory leader doing some reading and evolving his world view. He is to my knowledge one of the first politicians to click on the power of the Blog to influence politics. Talking today’s Guardian he details how Blogging can become the saviour for the right. Leftists take note; if you do not draw that conclusion fast what happened over there will happen over here.

Dan Rather, the anchor of CBS's evening news, was as big as TV stars come. Rather had fronted an attack on George Bush's Vietnam-era military service record - based on forged documents. The forgery was exposed when Bloggers focused on a superscripted "th" after a date in one of the documents. Experts confirmed that typewriters of the period could not have produced such lettering. Rather apologised and CBS is now desperately searching for someone else in whom viewers might put their trust.

This is just one of the ways in which the internet has strengthened the American right. Last year's Bush-Cheney campaign used information technology to build the largest ever volunteer political army. Visitors to were invited to join email lists that offered regular information on everything from gun ownership to school prayer. The Bush campaign collected 7.5 million email addresses and amassed 1.4 million volunteers.”


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