Friday, February 11, 2005

Election 05

Welcome to my new blog. A little about me and the reason for the new blog; I work in politics (I can hear the booing and hissing!) in a campaign group called Operation Black Vote (click here to read more about OBV). I work on their education project Understanding Power but like everyone at OBV I keep up to date on various political happenings in both Westminster and at a grassroots community level.

The UK General Election at the time of writing is set forth May 5th but rumour has it that it will be earlier much earlier (two dates are circling at present April 21st but just come out is April 14th). My life is about to get insanely busy! That means I need a place to let off steam (i.e. rant), spread a little rumour and maybe even let a few secrets slip. I figure a blog is the way to go.

So...only a few weeks to go before Britains press/media throws itself into the political storm ahead and the country decides which bunch of (add your own expletives here) get elected.


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