Thursday, February 17, 2005

Blunkett back in the frontline

Neo Labour really has a sense of humour. Not only do they think that David Blunkett is a good election asset they even think he can help with the fight against the BNP! Is it me or is it bizarre to have a “shameless authoritarian” calling on people not to vote for a fascist party?

“David Blunkett made his return to the political front-line in West Yorkshire and immediately urged the county's voters: "Don't let the British National Party win here." The former Home Secretary was speaking during a visit yesterday to Keighley, where BNP leader Nick Griffin is intending to stand against Labour MP Ann Cryer at the forthcoming General Election. Back on the campaign trail for the first time since the fall-out from his relationship with Spectator publisher Kimberly Quinn cost him his Cabinet job in December, he accused the far right party of seeking to exploit racial tensions in the town.”

That last line is classic pot calling the kettle black. How about your policies on immigration and asylum Dave?


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