Friday, May 06, 2005

Tory leader runners and riders

Much has been made about the tussles for power within the Labour party between Blair and Brown. Even more has been made about the supposed deal made again and again between the two about Brown succeeding Blair if and when the latter steps down. Something that is now coming into view is the fight for the Tory leadership. Not much has been made about this but with Michael Howard announcing his intention to step down I’m sure we’ll see more.

Having talked to someone close to the Tory party (someone who in fact knows three frontbenchers well) the rumour is that Howard will change the voting rules for the leadership contests so that the Parliamentary party will have greater say (William Hague changed the rules to allow all Tory party members one member one vote to decide its leader) before stepping down. If he achieves this he’ll be likely to step down just before Christmas which is around the time I actually think Blair will go!

Anyway, the BBC has an article about the current state of play within the Tory party and who might go for the top job.

“Tory leader Michael Howard has announced he is to stand down following his party's election defeat in order to allow a younger leader to take over.

Speculation about who will take over the Conservative leadership has begun, with bookmakers William Hill already offering 3/1 odds on the shadow home secretary David Davis.” Link


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