Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Last ditch appeal for the Black vote

An article about last night’s hustings in Holborn; the debate was a little more heated than the article suggests with one person being ejected for disruption. That said the audience was a good mix with much passion, insight and relentless attempts to hold the panel to account.

One more thing that really impressed me (and again not mentioned in the article) was how impressive the green MEP Jean Lamberts was! She not only had some of the biggest applauses of the night she also came across as being the person with the most integrity. I’ve never actually looked at a politician before and thought I could trust a word they said but Jean had me won over.

Chalk another vote up for the Greens tomorrow (and thats my opinion not official OBV policy btw!).

“Hustings organiser Simon Woolley, director of OBV, said our communities were "at the dawn of a new era of civic engagement." Reminding his audience that Black voters can decide the result of 70 seats, he said: "Never before have the Black electorate been so powerful.

"It's unacceptable that we only have 13 MP's when it should be nearer 60. Whose gonna change it? We're gonna change it when we use our votes and tell them no-one will get our vote until they address our concerns."" Link


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