Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Blair: don't risk a Tory government

Perhaps if you don’t want a Tory government you shouldn’t vote for Blair/Neo Labour? Anyway, we’re into the last few hours of the election campaign and things look, well, not that much different really. Labour look set to win with a fairly workable majority, the Tories may even pick a few new seats as might the Lib Dems. The only really change we might see is a Green MP or two and a possible Respect MP.

Of course the interesting times will really start when Brown takes over, the economy takes a dive and Bush orders the UK to invade Iran with him! Pessimism? Maybe. Cynicism? Quite probably!

“The three party leaders will be criss-crossing the country today in a frantic last bid to get their votes out, with Mr Blair touching down in Lancashire, Scotland and County Durham; Mr Howard visiting Surrey, Yorkshire and Norfolk; and Mr Kennedy stopping in London and Yorkshire.

The latest Times/Populus opinion poll puts Labour eight points ahead of the Conservatives, on 41% compared to the Tories' 27%, and with the Liberal Democrats on 23%.” Link


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