Friday, April 15, 2005

Lib Dems 'green' manifesto claims rubbished

I was expecting this from the Greens. The claim that the Lib Dems are the greenest party is more than a little audacious.

“On the day the Lib Dems launch their environmental manifesto, Greens have slammed the LibDems' record in office on local authorities and in Scotland, warning voters: "Lib Dems use Green rhetoric to get into office, then systematically exploit their position by supporting road building schemes, incinerators, airport expansion and even backing GM crops."

Dr Caroline Lucas MEP, Green Party principal speaker and Green Euro-MP for the South East comments: "The Lib Dem record in office - locally and in Scottish Parliament - is a catalogue of broken promises and unravels their manifesto's 'green thread' from top to bottom." Link


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