Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Blair launches Labour's manifesto

An interesting document it seems; no picture of Blair on the cover and a promise from him not to serve a full term? “Vote for me and I’ll leave!” Blair was heard not to say!

“Labour's manifesto has had a painful birth, with reports that the chancellor was angry about being excluded from the process and speculation about whether it would live up to its billing as "unremittingly New Labour". The final draft appears to represent a compromise between Mr Blair's vision of greater public sector choice and Mr Brown's more traditionally social democratic approach both making an appearance.

Mr Blair's influence can be seen behind the sections entitled "the New Labour case" at the top of each of the booklet's 10 chapters, setting out the argument for continued reform. Mr Brown, meanwhile, is understood to have overseen the economic and education chapters and personally written the "New Labour case" on the economy.” Link

You can read the full manifesto here (pdf file).


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