Friday, April 08, 2005

Will Rover collapse hurt Labour?

It’s quite possible that it will; some of the constituencies near the plant have a high number of Muslim voters who are expected to vote from an anti war position. Couple that with the 15,000 or so workers on the verge of losing their jobs and you have electoral problems if you’re the Labour party.

Whether they feel Labour did enough to help them will be a factor in whether they vote against them but then who they vote for will have to make some pretty big promises too.

“The sight of one of Britain's greatest manufacturing plants collapsing with thousands of job losses is about the last image Labour would want to take into a general election campaign.

It is particularly dangerous for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown who have put the economy at the centre of their campaign. Their boasts about the low unemployment and economic stability their government has embedded may well ring hollow in the ears of those affected by the closure.” Link


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