Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Schoolkids rattle MP's cages

In better words than I could muster Lester Holloway's write up of yesterdays OBV youth hustings is very close to the mark. It was a high octane event with the young people (I really hate using that word!) taking nothing for granted and being relentless in their persuit of truth. I was inspired and thrilled to see such energy, insight and passion by a group [of people] commonally dimissed as apathetic. Patronising adults take note; young people do care about politics but not bullshit. You have been warned.

"Afterwards Yussif Osman, 15, from Henry Compton school in Fulham, west London, said: "Generally this was really useful. It's one thing hearing them talk on television but it's another thing to be there."

Santier Milson, also 15, from Holland Park school, in central London, was less impressed. "I didn't really respect the Labour person. I didn't respect anyone except the Dean [Ryan] guy.

"The Labour person especially was disrespectful because he wanted to talk but didn't want to listen to what anyone else had to say. He says we should make up our own minds but how are we supposed to make up our own minds when what they're telling us us is false?"" Link


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